Flying Miz Daisy Takes Off


Long before I began the Driving Miz Daisy Vintage Market in San Juan Capistrano and then onto Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, I had the desire to bring a curated, indoor market to Orange County.  Growing up in rural Pennsylvania with generations of people who lived off the land must have left an imprint.  It instilled in me an appreciation and love for the unusual, the imperfect, and the story behind the object.  

As I met and worked with many vendors and customers across California, I found they also expressed the same desire I had for an upscale, indoor vintage market in the OC.  So the hunt began for a venue free from Mother Nature’s challenges where customers could shop in a comfortable, fun, positive environment.  

I like a challenge, just ask my hubby or anyone of my five kids ☺, so now I’m gathering the best selected West Coast vendors I can find, and we’re ready to give people the ultimate customer experience when they come to The Hangar at the OC Fair Event Center in Costa Mesa! 

Charlene Goetz