One of my daughter’s favorite authors is C. S. Lewis. I love how he was capable of writing just a few words that would hold so much meaning. I have to agree with C. S., I like to change up “things” often and keep a fresh look around, whether it’s in my home, business or hair!

So I’m excited to announce that received a makeover recently. A clean, original, and refreshing new look to our website that customers will find easy to obtain up-to-date information. It has been a lot of fun dreaming up the new look and then seeing it come to life--and who knew there was so much involved with it?! It's been well worth the work to get it to where it is today, as we want to make sure the look is easy on your eyes and represents what Flying Miz Daisy is all about: being fearlessly authentic. 


2017-11-15 (1).jpg
Charlene Goetz